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Technical Sewa Service and Solution is a leading national company that deals with various repairing and maintenance services of multi brands and multi products viz. mobile devices, electronics and home appliances. With our years of experience, we are nationally recognized as an expert in customer support services and in repair and maintenance services.

Here, at Technical Sewa, we are dedicated and trusted to sales services to support partner of choice for leading home appliances, home entertainment, medical equipment, IT products, mobile devices company, etc. We are dedicated to making continuous innovative solution, high flexibility and provide quality service so that our customers have access to first rate life cycle care for their products.

Technical Sewa was established in February 2015 as a service support and repair and maintenance providing company. These solutions include customer relationship management (CRM), reverse logistics customer service, technical inspection, filtering of defective products, break-fix repair and intervention monitoring. Technical Sewa has a multiple fully equipped technical repair centers in Nepal.

Technical Sewa partners and clients are passionate about their end users, which is why we help you to deliver an outstanding after sales services experience through entire Nepal. We employ more than 50 staffs who understand the critical role we all play in enhancing our customer’s brands through the seamless combination of after sales services their customers receive.

Our Motto

We understand what is important to you. We believe in shaping the right solution based on your needs. We always strive to deliver service in the right way. Delivering today and building for tomorrow. Our Customers make our Business.

Our Ethical Approach

We are totally committed to protecting the integrity of our customers’ brands by consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations of service, quality and performance. In order to safeguard the brands and reputations of our customers, Technical Sewa operates to the same standard nationwide.

Key business focus

Home Appliances

Home Entertainment

Small Home Appliances

 Medical Equipment

 IT Products

 Mobile Devices

Service products

After sales, Technical Sewa offer customer care, reverse logistic, part management, screening and testing, repair and refurbish, resale and recycle, call center management.

Who loves to work with us? 

Whirlpool, Candy, Elba, Chigo, Toshiba, Lynex, Bravos TV, Skyworth, Electrolux 


Technical Sewa's success is down to the creativity, flexibility and energy, we dedicate to all our business. In turn, these core elements support our company wide values in the form of respect for our promises, our customers and our commitments.

Being a national force in repairs and after sales support sector means we have great deal of responsibility. We are focused on maintaining the trust of our customers and partners to maintain their business interests.

Technical Sewa takes great pride in investing significantly to maintain our level of excellent services and continue our rapid growth in markets dealing with mobile devices, consumers electronics, home appliances, small home appliances and medical equipment industry. We fell that investing in our facilities and our workforce helps us in delivering high quality results.


Technical Sewa important mission is to deliver optimal services and solutions for repair and after sales support. We do this through:

  • Operational excellence

  • The creation of innovative services and solutions 

  • The transparency of our management and our processes

  • Providing growth and diversification of our services and resources

  • Financial stability

we understand that providing after-sales support and repair solutions for third parties means that we reflect the brand of our partners. Furthermore, we understand that the way end-users are treated influence the trust they palace in companies. Our mission is to make sure that we give the best service possible to everyone. We do business with regardless of their position in service chain. Moreover, we dynamically update our solutions based on the feedback from our customers and through our own self-monitoring.

In this technological era, we are at forefront at providing rapid interactive solutions to our customers and their end-users. We are already benefiting from our experience of developing self-service tools. These type of solutions cement our mission to innovate our services through the use of technology.

The Environment

our profession is at the heart of environmental concerns. As a leader in the treatment of defective products, we are considerate about the way of we approach how to recycle the faulty components. By repairing and revaluing products, Technical Sewa gives new life to electronics devices.

We enjoy developing sustainable development of our economy through maximizing the lifespan of consumer products. Product that can't be repaired are processed and recycled.

Innovation of our services

Approach to solutions

Our philosophy is simple-creating the most optimized solution designed around our customers. Every solution design starts with comprehensive discussions with the customer to understand their business drives, strategy and learn what works well and has proven lo work less effectively from their after sales experiences so far. This process is led by our team of solution's architects who specialize in selecting the right to approach to get the necessary insights which will help our customers. We understand that different customers have different needs which is why at Technical Sewa no two solutions are ever exactly the same. Once our customers' needs and determine. Technical Sewa selects a team of subject matter experts to brainstorm possible solution concept. These are reviewed and the best option is then selected and developed further. We call this Technical Sewa made and it continuously delivers a compelling valued prepositions.


At Technical Sewa we deliver a complete end-to-end after sales service support or any part of the service you require. Our 15 core services fall within six areas of specialization.

  • Technical Sewa

  • Reverse logistic 

  • parts management 

  • testing and screening 

  • Repair and Refurbish

  • Resell and recycle

Customer Care 

We understand that the experience your end customers receive is crucial part of you service offering. Your end customers have different needs and preferences, which is why Technical Sewa helps you select the best after sales solution to engage with them.

For some customers, being able to find the answers to their product experience issues themselves via self-help delivered online or even in-store kiosk, is vitally important. Others prefer to use Email, Web Chat, Telephone or even face-to-face. After Sales Support, even after a product is out of warranty. Our 100% calls have verified by our call center if customers satisfied with our service then calls have closed otherwise reopen the call for reallocation to Senior technician. Whichever methods you choose for you end customer service experience, there are essential returns avoidance strategies which enables your business to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Your customers are extremely important to us, so when it comes to customer care, Technical Sewa will design the solution that is right for you and your customers.

Reverse logistics

Technical Sewa works with selected "best in class" third party logistics partners around the Nepal to ensure that we brief seamless, optimized reverse logistics services as part of your after sales solution package wherever you need it.

whether you offer differentiated after sales service level to your customers or elect to standardize, we will design the best reverse logistics service to suit your needs and budget. Technical Sewa can create a variety of models. For example, within pick up and return, we offer options from direct collection and drop off at the customer's home or business, third or to third party locations.

The numerous choices and options we support ensure that we will always find the solution best suited to your needs.

Parts management

Technical Sewa helps you forecast planning, sourcing and securements. Our international purchasing teams help to resource end of life or difficult to find parts of right quality, as well as ensuring and parts are exchanged when still within warranty period of OEMs.

Effective parts management is all about balancing the availability of parts where and when they are needed, alongside the financial risk associated with excess and absolute inventory. Technical Sewa works hard with you to get this balance right via-

Parts planning

Parts sourcing and procurement


Parts planning

Parts planning are an essential aspect of after sales services. At Technical Sewa, we have this down to the fine art, managing parts availability, optimizing inventory levels and associated working capital, minimizing excess and obsolescence.

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