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TESSSASSSSSSSSSSSSS we know led TV are very crucial parts of our home for all family members including children. Without LED TV world is dark. As we know it is costly for purchasing and maintenance as compare of CRT TV if need to do so we have to follow the tips of taking care of self-care the LED TV… Turn off TV if not in use because of the lifespan of every appliance or electronic product reduces with usage. It is important to turn off your TV when you are not using it and you can reduce electric bill as well as life spam of products. If there are electric factual problem in your house then you have to put good quality stabilizer for protect the product. Ensure enough ventilation surrounding led TV for release the heat of led TV other wise  it causes overheating of your appliances, and the increased temperature leads to a reduction in the lifespan of your appliance. It is best to leave some free space on all sides of the TV while installing it for ventilation purposes. Adjust the brightness and contrast for better picture quality and for energy saving. If the contrast settings of your TV are set too high, it will decrease the picture quality and the lifespan of your TV as it uses more processing power at higher contrast. So, it is best to keep the brightness and contrast settings of your TV at an optimum level and not too high. One more thing is surrounding of LED TVs need to maintain clean the areas otherwise particular image stays on your TV screen for a long time, it can leave a visible mark that is hard to get rid of, no matter what you do. The best way to protect your TV from this issue is not to use your appliance for too long. Give your TV a rest for some time in between the regular usages. Never use liquid for cleaning the led TV screen… don’t worry we (Technicalsewa and Solution) available for provide repair service at your door step.

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